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Promote Your Company to the People Who Matter

Get maximum results from IIR's platform of targeted industry contacts

Email Campaigns

Get your company's message to key decision-makers

With more than 215,000 validated email addresses in IIR's Industrial Plant Database, you can reach 160,000 plant locations globally with a high-impact email campaign aimed at a select group of contacts chosen by you

Industrial Info offers a complete email marketing service that includes artwork preparation, execution, and detailed reporting of results.

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More than 215,000 validated email addresses
Get your message targeted to the right audience

Full-Service Webinar Solutions

Let us promote, run, moderate and report on your webinar

Hosting a webcast can be a daunting task with many challenges before you even start your presentation. Let Industrial Info Resources save you time, while at the same time maximizing your exposure to the industrial market. Take advantage of our experience promoting, running and moderating webinars for 900+ users and let us handle your next webinar!

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Let IIR Promote, Run, Moderate and Report on your webinar
Then you can focus on one thing... Presenting

Sponsorship Opportunities

Align your brand with a forward-looking industry outlook

Sponsoring an outlook or webcast hosted by Industrial Info Resources provides you an opportunity to align your company's brand with a forward-looking presentation delivered by some of the industry's most respected thought leaders. Sponsors receive detailed registration information from a captive global audience of industry professionals, providing your sales staff with a platform of quality prospects.

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2,400 attendees at our last 4 market outlook & networking events
5,700 registrations and 2,700 webinar attendees in our last 4 webinars

Press Release Services

Push your company press release to multiple media outlets

Industrial Info will collaborate with you to publish a custom press release to publicize your service offerings, mergers and acquisitions, product announcements and any other company news. The release will appear on our website and will be pushed out to multiple distribution outlets across North America or internationally.

Our editorial staff will work with you to produce a press release from the ground up or release a client-produced press release formatted to Industrial Info's specifications.

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Get your message in front of 170,000 industrialinfo.com users and distributed via PR Newswire

Banner Advertising

Promote Your Company to Industry Peers

Industrial Info provides banner advertising, allowing you to advertise your company directly from Industrial Info's site to your company website. Our website receives an average of 121,000 visits per month. Put your name in front of the people who matter--industry peers interested in the products and services that you have to offer.

PECWeb Platform Products
Promote your brand to 70k Daily Email Readers
More than 9 Million Web Views Annually