Machine-to-Machine Database Access

API Connectivity Now Available

API (Application Programming Interface)

To facilitate modeling or other third party applications, subscriptions can be provided through an API (Application Programming Interface) which is an add-on REST (Representational State Transfer) Partner API web service that facilitates access to subscription database services. It acts as an abstract intermediary to allow applications to connect to IIR's Global Market Intelligence ( IIRGMI ) database anywhere and respond to data requests within the database subscription service.

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Product Coverage

It covers all of the ( IIRGMI ) database product offerings, including industrial assets, key management contacts, capital and maintenance projects and unit maintenance events, along with long-term service agreements for plant contractors.

The API web service is separate from PECWeb but does mimic a lot of the functionality by providing similar parameter-driven requests, with endpoints that are similar to the search & profile views available within the online application. As this service is intended to be a M2M (Machine-to-Machine) service, it follows industry standards for maximum interoperability.

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CSV File Deliveries

CSV (Comma Separated Value) are available through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) standard network protocol. Database file deliveries are scheduled on a set incremental basis (Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly) depending on the end-user's needs. Batch delivery is still best served by CSV files via FTP delivery.