IIR's Key Account Locator (KAL)

Target specific companies and key clients by plant owner or parent company

Key Account Locator (KAL)

Analyze individual Plant Owner or Parent Company plant portfolios with IIR's Key Account Locator. Users have the ability to drill down to specific target companies to build a detailed, top-down overview of that company's operational and planned assets, as well as projects. Develop effective go-to-market strategies with KAL, whether you are a provider of after-sales and maintenance services, or a provider of new equipment, technology, or other services.

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Utilize numerous features within IIR's Key Account Locator to identify connections and build relevant relationships:

Geospatial mapping of individual Plant Owner's operational and pre-commissioned plants, units and key equipment globally.

Provides an overview of each Parent Company's fully owned assets, as well as joint-venture holdings.

Identify all currently active, completed, cancelled, or on hold projects within individual plants, or across the entire plant portfolio of each Plant Owner.

Access individual plant profiles, products produced, installed and planned units, as well as equipment and project history detail.

IIR's Key Account Locator enables end-users to connect with almost 900,000 Key Contacts across almost 200,000 operational industrial plants and facilities globally.

IIR's market intelligence, contained within KAL, has been verified direct from source and updated daily, providing you with the tools necessary for accurate and extensive account planning.