Global Alternative Fuels Coverage

Industrial Info's coverage of the Alternative Fuels Industry provides comprehensive market intelligence for producers of Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Ethanol and similar fuels produced from unconventional feedstock. Globally, societies are seeking alternatives to traditional petroleum feedstock for supplementing or meeting their growing fuel demand. Industrial Info's research teams are following these trends closely and providing comprehensive coverage of the planned investments, installed capacities and maintenance requirements.
Alternative Fuels Database Platform Elements
  • Attributes

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 3,104
    • Total Active Project Spend $144 Billion
    • Active Project Contacts 10,084

    Plant Assets

    • Commissioned Plants 1,174
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 6,834
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 524


    • Projects 1,620
    • Total Investment Value $105.91 Billion

    Fuel Pellets

    • Projects 213
    • Total Investment Value $3.9 Billion


    • Projects 116
    • Total Investment Value $2.95 Billion
  • Capital & Maintenance Projects
    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    Industrial Info's team of industry researchers actively monitor planned, unplanned ongoing and future maintenance events in ethanol plants, biodiesel and renewable diesel units across all of North America and South America.

    Each maintenance event is tracked with precise details of when the unit will come offline, the cause of the downtime if unplanned and when the unit will restart normal operations. Alerts via email and subscriber tools are available for each event, providing our clients with up-to-date progress of the maintenance event, including schedule changes or other details. These are delivered for each event as changes are verified and confirmed.

    • Total Investment Value (TIV)
    • Project Owner Contacts
    • Contractor & Vendor Contacts
    • Project Scope
    • Technology & Equipment Requirements
    • Project Capacity
    • Environmental Requirements
    • Project Schedule Milestones, including Approval & Bidding Dates
    • Construction Kick-off
    • Project Completion

  • Plant Assets
    Plant Assets

    Industrial Info is tracking Alternative Fuels plants globally, providing the operational status, products produced, and key decision maker contact information for each location.

    Every plant profile include:

    • Plant Owner & Parent Company Information
    • Functional Management Contacts with Email & Phone
    • Plant Mapping including Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
    • Employee Count
    • Operational Labor Preference
    • Physical & Mailing Addresses
    • Plant Startup & Closure Date
    • Production Capacities
    • List of Products Produced at Each Location

  • Unit Assets
    Unit Assets

    Globally, Industrial Info is tracking unit asset details for the following:

    • Biofuels (1st & 2nd Generation Technology)
    • Fuel Ethanol
    • Biodiesel
    • Gasification (SynGas Production)
    • Fuel Pellets
    • Biogas

    Major equipment profiles for steam boilers and power generation are available globally with details that include:

    Power Generation

    • Original Installation Date
    • Nameplate Capacity
    • Current Capacity
    • Model Number

    Steam Boilers

    • Boiler Size
    • Fuel Type
    • Boiler Manufacturer
  • Platform Solutions
    Platform Solutions

    Industrial Info offers intelligent and easy-to-use web-based tools to access our market intelligence data.

    • PECWeb Dashboard - Utilize search queries, saved searches, email alerts and interactive widgets to track the best available information on plants, projects and units.
    • PECWeb My Data - Track and get updates on your targeted opportunities using IIR's CRM-like features.
    • Key Account Locator (KAL) - Geospatially search for and identify key assets by Owner or Parent Company.
    • Geolocator - Create density heat maps, radius searches and visualize opportunities in a geospatial environment.
    • Disaster Impact Tracker - Monitor natural disaster events around the globe and their impact on industrial plants and units.
    • Market Analytics Dashboard - Using IIR project spending factors, track and understand the market at a 30,000 foot view and drill down to the 1 foot project detail.

Segments We Cover

Fuel Ethanol Manufacturing Market (DDG & Corn Oil)

All corn and sugar cane based fuel ethanol plants that also include the production of by-products distillers dried grains and solubles (DDG) a high protein feed additivie plus corn oil used as feedstock for biodiesel production.

Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel

Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production from vegetable oils, used cooking oil, animal fats and even biomass. By-products of production also include the refining of glycerin.

Biorefineries (G2 & G3 Production)

Biorefineries that produce ethanol and renewable transportation fuel from second and third generation feedstocks meaning production from non-food feedstocks. G2 feedstocks include corn stover and bagesse material, wood chips and wood waste, cow manure, energy grassess, and tobacco. G3 feedstocks include algae, algae oil and seaweed.

Gasification (SynGas Production)

Facilities that gasify and liquify coal into syngas that is thermos-chemically transformed to produce diesel, gasoline, syngas and other fuels using Fischer-Tropsch and other technologies. Syngas can used as an alternative gas instead of burning fossil fuels.

Fuel Pellet Production

Facilities that manufacture fuel pellets from wood, grasses, and other biomass fired power generation, boilers and home heating.


Refers to a mixture of different gases manily a substitute for natural gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, known as anaerobic digesters. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste. Biogas is a renewable energy source.

Platform Solutions

Intelligent, easy-to-use tools for accessing, delivering and making the best use of our dynamically updated industrial intelligence.

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Industrial Info's Alternative Fuels Analytics Products help supplement our online platform and give our clients a long-term view of where spending is expected to be and its major trends or drivers.

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