Global Food & Beverage Coverage

Industrial Info's Food & Beverage coverage includes all aspects of the industry, from production to processing and packaging, to distribution. Our online platform tracks the following sectors: Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Dairy, Beverages, Agricultural Products, and Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods. Also included in the Food & Beverage Industry is the warehousing and distribution sector as well as the rapidly expanding desalination industry.

Industrial Info's research of the Food & Beverage Industry spans all corners of the globe. The world population is projected to be about 8.5 billion in 2030, up from 7.6 billion in 2018. As such, the Food & Beverage Industry has its work cut out for it, playing a crucial role in creating value-added food and beverage products.

Food & Beverage Platform Elements
  • Attributes

    Industrial Info's Food & Beverage Industry Platform includes the following industry segments:


    • Dairy
    • Beverages
    • Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods
    • Meat, Poultry & Seafood
    • Desalination Water Treatment
    • Sugar Processing
    • Agricultural Products


    • Automated Distribution & Warehousing

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Projects 18,715
    • Total Project Spend $297 Billion
    • Third-Party Contractor Awards 4,995
    • Project Contacts 60,768

    Sugar Market

    • Commissioned Plants 1,821
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 9,337
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 70


    • Commissioned Plants 40,019
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 206,990
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 3,999

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Units 6,455
    • Pre-Commissioned Units 1,283
    • Equipment Profiles [Boilers & Turbines] 8,742
  • Agricultural Products
    Agricultural Products

    Cooperatives and private corporations engaged in the storage, distribution and milling and refining of agricultural commodities.

    • Grain Elevators & Terminals
    • Oilseed Crushing & Refining
    • Fruit & Vegetable Processing
    • Corn Milling
    • Rice Milling
    • Feed Mills
  • Meat, Poultry & Seafood
    Meat, Poultry & Seafood

    Slaughtering and processing facilities for beef, pork and poultry products, as well as seafood processing plants.

    • Meat Packing
    • Poultry Slaughtering & Processing
    • Seafood Processing
    • Animal Aquaculture
    • Poultry Hatcheries
    • Hog Slaughtering
    • Plant-Based Protein Production

  • Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods
    Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods

    Industrial baking facilities and facilities that produce frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, snack foods and foods for preparation, including packages and canned goods.

    • Baked Goods
    • Breakfast Foods
    • Dehydrated Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables
    • Frozen Meals
    • Candy & Confections
    • Canned Goods
    • Prepared Meals
    • Dog & Cat Food
    • Plant-Based Protein Production

  • Sugar Processing
    Sugar Processing

    Beet and cane milling and refining facilities including those that produce ethanol.

    • Beet Sugar
    • Cane Sugar
    • Alcohol
    • Ethanol
  • Beverages

    The beverage sector comprises facilities engaged in processing, bottling and filling of water, coffee & tea, fruit juice, energy drinks, sports drinks, and soft drinks. The sector also includes brewers and distillers

    • Distilleries
    • Carbonated Beverages
    • Bottled Water
    • Breweries
    • Juice Blending & Filling
    • Infused Beverages
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers
    Warehouse & Distribution Centers

    Companies engaged in dry, frozen and refrigerated food and beverage product storage, including major warehousing and distribution facilities.

    • Cold Storage
    • Dry Storage
  • Dairy

    The dairy sector consists of mechanized dairy farms, egg processing facilities and producers of milk and milk-based products including cheese, yogurt and ice cream, among others.

    • Raw Milk Processing
    • Cheese Production
    • Dessert & Novelty Items
    • Yogurt
  • Desalination

    Facilities that utilize reverse osmosis or thermal means to desalinize seawater, brackish water or well water for drinking or irrigation.

Platform Solutions

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Industrial Info's Food & Beverage Analytics Products help supplement our online platform and give our clients a long-term view of where spending is expected to be and its major trends or drivers.

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