Food & Beverage

Processing & Distribution/Storage Facilities

There are more than 7 billion mouths to feed on this planet and more are on the way. As such, the Food & Beverage Industry has its work cut out for it, playing a crucial role in creating value-added food and beverage products. Every day, the industry faces multiple challenges posed by processing, packaging, storing and distributing the products that we eat and drink.

Coverage within Industrial Info's Food & Beverage Industry:

Industrial Info's Food & Beverage coverage includes all aspects of the industry, from production to processing and packaging, to distribution. Our online platform tracks the following sectors: Meat & Poultry, Dairy, Beverages, Agricultural Products, and Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods. Also included in the Food & Beverage Industry is the warehousing and distributing sector, as well as the rapidly expanding desalination industry.

Industrial Info's research is regional, with some sectors spanning all corners of the globe. We now cover all Food & Beverage segments in North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Europe with Asia on the horizon.

Projects covered in the platform must have a four- to six- month lead time for equipment requests for quotation (RFQs) or bidding opportunities, and must offer $500,000 or greater in total investment value.

Industrial Info's Global Food & Beverage Industry information provides best-in-class, consistently updated market intelligence on 13,100 operational and pre-commissioned facilities and 6,100 active projects throughout the world, with a total value of approximately $81.68 billion.

Along with plant and project information, contact details for more than 13,400 key decision-makers for projects and 73,000 key plant contacts are consistently verified and updated, providing you with direct access to the people you need to find!

Industrial Info also provides a standalone online platform for the Sugar Processing Industry, which contains information on sugar processing plants and associated ethanol production facilities.

  • Agricultural Products
  • Cooperatives and private corporations engaged in the storage, distribution and milling and refining of agricultural commodities.
  • Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods
  • Industrial baking facilities and facilities that produce frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, snack foods and foods for preparation, including packages and canned goods.
  • Beverages
  • The beverage sector is comprised of facilities engaged in processing, bottling and filling of water, coffee & tea, fruit juice, energy drinks, sport drinks, soft drinks, as well as brewers and distillers.
  • Dairy
  • The dairy sector consists of mechanized dairy farms, egg processing facilities and producers of milk and milk-based products including cheese, yogurt and ice cream, among others.
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Slaughtering and processing facilities for beef, pork and poultry products, as well as seafood processing plants.
  • Sugar Processing
  • Beet and cane milling and refining facilities including those that produce ethanol.
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers
  • Companies engaged in dry, frozen and refrigerated food and beverage product storage, including major warehousing and distribution facilities.
  • Desalination
  • Desalination plants that process seawater for drinking and irrigation.

View the full range of SIC codes and descriptions covered in our Food & Beverage Platform.

Food & Beverage Projects

Our Food & Beverage Project information covers projects from the early planning stages through engineering and RFQs, to project completion.

Project Activities:

  • Major maintenance shutdowns & turnarounds
  • Grassroot construction
  • Expansions, upgrades & additions
  • Renovations
  • Restarts
  • Plant Closures
  • Environmental compliance +
    • Wastewater treatment systems
    • Baghouses
    • Scrubber installations
    • Odor controls
    • Leak detection
    • Containment areas
    • Emissions monitoring equipment

Project Information:

  • Project scope & schedule
  • RFQ & bidding dates
  • Key project milestones
  • Project location
  • SIC codes
  • Plant owner & parent company
  • Details of contracted firms +
    • Design-build
    • Engineering
    • General contractors
    • Construction managers
    • And much more
  • Contact information for key decision-makers

Food & Beverage Plants

Our Food & Beverage Industry Platform includes detailed plant profiles for 13,100 operational and pre-commissioned facilities and more than 3,600 decommissioned facilities.

Each plant profile includes:

  • Plant owner & parent company
  • Physical & mailing addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • SIC descriptions
  • Startup date
  • Employee count
  • Union status
  • Key management contact details
  • Plant contact email address


Industrial Info's Analytics Products help supplement our online platform and give our clients a more long-term view of where spending is expected to be and what major trends or drivers could be affecting spending.

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