Global Industrial Manufacturing Coverage

The Industrial Manufacturing industry remains on the forefront in embracing new technologies including manufacturing 4.0, 3D printing, data-driven automation and robotics. The industry covers a wide variety of major manufacturing plants that include automotive assembly, lithium-ion battery mega factories, data centers, solar panels, wind turbines, aircraft manufacturing, ship building, and inland & deepwater ports among many others.

While Asia remains the leading manufacturer of much of the world’s goods and products, in the new post-pandemic world, other regions are pulling out all the stops to become more self-reliant and that has led to significant spending globally. This has been especially true within the Industrial Manufacturing industry due to its wide variety of types of manufacturing plants that are covered.
Industrial Manufacturing Platform Elements
  • Attributes

    Industrial Info's Food & Beverage Industry Platform includes the following industry segments:


    • Automotive
    • Heavy Manufacturing
    • Plastic & Rubber Products
    • Data Centers
    • Semiconductors & Computers
    • Housing, Building Products & Furniture
    • Textiles
    • Fabricated Metal Products


    • Transportation Systems
    • Education, Hospital, Prison, Military Base and Governmental Infrastructure
    • Distribution & Warehousing


    • Commissioned Plants 64,782
    • Functional Management Contacts 294,173
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 8,079
    • Potential New Jobs 1,744,243

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 29,344
    • Total Active Project Spend $2.97 trillion
  • Automotive

    The automotive sector includes vehicle assembly plants that produce cars, light trucks, buses and commercial heavy-duty trucks, as well as tier suppliers that produce automotive parts.

    Assembly Plants

    • Commissioned Assembly Plants 1,390
    • Functional Management Contacts 6,048
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 220
    • Potential New Jobs 81,587

    Tier Supplies

    • Commissioned Assembly Plants 11,193
    • Functional Management Contacts 48,991
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 882
    • Potential New Jobs 235,844

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Projects 5,014
    • Total Spending $556 Billion
    • Project Contacts 16,232

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Units 2,229
    • Pre-Commissioned Units 138
    • Equipment Profiles (Boilers & Turbines) 2,060
  • Fabricated Metal Products
    Fabricated Metal Products

    The fabricated metal products sector consists of facilities that manufacture wire, metal cans, cutlery, hand saws and tools, sheet metal, architectural and ornamental metal work, bolts, nuts & screws, metal stampings, automotive stamping, industrial valves and valve fittings, small arms and ammunition, steel and wire springs, metal foil and leaf, fabricated metal pipe, and general fabricated metal products.


    • Commissioned Plants 8,827
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 39,095
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 523
    • Potential New Jobs 115,172

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Projects 2,525
    • Total Spending $44 Billion
  • Heavy Manufacturing
    Heavy Manufacturing

    Our team of industry experts diligently tracks and monitors capital and maintenance projects globally to provide a comprehensive picture of where investments, large and small, are planned, ongoing and proposed.


    • Commissioned Plants 19,075
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 73,803
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 2,062
    • Potential New Jobs 418,040

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 5,915
    • Total Spending $347 Billion
  • Plastic & Rubber Products
    Plastic & Rubber Products

    The plastics & rubber products sector involves facilities that manufacture tires, rubber & plastic hosing, belts, gaskets and seals, rubber goods, plastic film & sheet, laminated plastic products, plastic pipe, bottles, foam products, injection and blow molded products, and assorted plastic products.


    • Commissioned Plants 8,580
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 41,061
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 282
    • Potential New Jobs 50,571

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 2,576
    • Total Spending $59 Billion
  • Distribution & Warehousing
    Distribution & Warehousing

    The distribution & warehousing sector covers non-refrigerated/frozen warehousing, general goods warehousing, regional distribution/hubs for manufacturing companies, logistics companies, distribution companies, online retailers, the United States Postal Service, data centers, as well as air-freight companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.


    • Commissioned Plants 4,017
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 23,170
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 1,227
    • Potential New Jobs 329,298

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 1,682
    • Total Spending $132 Billion
  • Transportation Systems
    Transportation Systems

    The transportation systems sector includes inland & deepwater ports, airports, light rail, commuter rail and freight rail, including maintenance facilities, intermodal terminals, interconnects, rail bridges, substations, microgrids and railyards associated with mass-transit systems.

    Freight Rail

    • Capital & Maintenance Projects
      • Active Projects 567
      • Total Spending $140 Billion

    Passenger Rail

    • Capital & Maintenance Projects
      • Active Projects 883
      • Total Spending $370 Billion

    Deepwater & Inland Ports

    • Commissioned Deepwater Ports 2,188
    • Pre-Commissioned Deepwater Ports 568
    • Functional Management Contacts 9,107
    • Potential New Jobs 64,225
    • Capital & Maintenance Projects
      • Active Projects 5,151
      • Total Spending $231 Billion


    • Commissioned Airports 666
    • Pre-Commissioned Airports 41
    • Functional Management Contacts 3,304
    • Potential New Jobs 3,117
    • Capital & Maintenance Projects
      • Active Projects 238
      • Total Spending $50 Billion
  • Non-Gov't & Gov't Infrastructures
    Non-Gov't & Gov't Infrastructures
    Education, Hospital, Prison, Military Base and Governmental Infrastructure

    Reports on the infrastructure sector deal with steam, chilled water, electrical distribution and independent power, including the microgrid needs of educational institutions, hospitals, prisons, military bases and governmental facilities.


    • Commissioned Plants 3,284
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 18,943
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 13
    • Potential New Jobs 597

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 1,436
    • Total Spending $14 Billion

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Units 4,453
    • Pre-Commissioned Units 1,036
    • Equipment Profiles (Boilers & Turbines) 3,713
  • Semiconductors & Computers
    Semiconductors & Computers

    The semiconductors & computers sector deals with plants that manufacture computers, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, computer terminals, office machines, resistors and capacitors, connectors, solar panels and electronic components.


    • Commissioned Plants 5,010
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 19,229
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 808
    • Potential New Jobs 338,589

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 1,823
    • Total Spending $735 Billion
  • Textiles

    The textiles sector includes man-made wool, broad-woven fabric mills, carpet & rugs, yarn-spinning mills, non-woven fabric facilities, footwear, and tire cord & fabric products including clothing and more.


    • Commissioned Plants 3,650
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 7,915
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 74
    • Potential New Jobs 36,609

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 443
    • Total Spending $5.4 Billion

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Units 2,933
    • Pre-Commissioned Units 40
    • Equipment Profiles (Boilers & Turbines) 2,856
  • Housing, Building Products & Furniture
    Housing, Building Products & Furniture

    The housing, building products & furniture sector covers facilities that manufacture furniture (both home and office), asphalt roofing products, kitchen cabinets, millwork, transformers, household appliances, electric lamps and bulbs, household appliances, mattresses, air conditioning systems, communications equipment, toys, games, sporting equipment, writing instruments, switchgear, current-carrying electric devices and storage batteries, plus more.


    • Commissioned Plants 13,864
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 60,242
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 1,128
    • Potential New Jobs 336,471

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Projects 4,398
    • Total Spending $233 Billion
  • Data Centers
    Data Centers

    The Data Centers sector consists of those data center facilities that are not only the backbone of the internet age but also provide top level security for companies looking at securing their own internal data as well as those looking for reliable backups of their most important information. Request More Information

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