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The Pulp, Paper and Wood Industry comprises assets owned by enterprises engaged in the manufacture and distribution of products derived from wood fiber and recycled wood fiber-based products. The industry is categorized into four sub-sectors, which are Pulp, Paper, Wood and Converting. In addition to traditional wood and paper products, the industry is increasingly becoming a major producer of bio-chemicals and bio-fuels.
Pulp, Paper & Wood Database Platform Elements
  • Attributes

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 6,034
    • Total Active Project Spend $174 Billion
    • Third-Party Contractor Awards 909

    LTSA Agreements Globally

    • LTSA Agreements Globally 1,600
    • "Maintenance LTSAs 503
    • Capital Project LTSAs 166
    • Preferred Contractors 896


    • Commissioned Plants 7,961
    • Functional Plant Management Contacts 44,472
    • Pre-Commissioned Plants 404

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Process Units 8,047
    • Pre-Commissioned Process Units 922
    • Equipment Profiles [Boilers & Turbines] 3,985

    Unit Maintenance Events

    • Future Unit Maintenance Events 198
  • Plants

    Industrial Info provides detailed plant profiles for pre-commissioned, commissioned and decommissioned plants in major world regions, with the operational status, location and functional management contacts for each facility.

    Every plant profile includes:

    • Plant Owner & Parent Company Information
    • Functional Management Contacts with Email & Phone
    • Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
    • Personnel Count
    • Operational Labor Preference
    • Physical & Mailing Addresses
    • Plant Startup & Closure Date
    • List of Products Produced at Each Location
  • Platform Solutions
    Platform Solutions

    Industrial Info offers intelligent and easy-to-use web-based tools to access our market intelligence data.

    • PECWeb Dashboard - Utilize search queries, saved searches, email alerts and interactive widgets to track the best available information on plants, projects and units.
    • PECWeb My Data - Track and get updates on your targeted opportunities using IIR's CRM-like features.
    • Key Account Locator (KAL) - Geospatially search for and identify key assets by Owner or Parent Company.
    • Geolocator - Create density heat maps, radius searches and visualize opportunities in a geospatial environment.
    • Disaster Impact Tracker - Monitor natural disaster events around the globe and their impact on industrial plants and units.
    • Market Analytics Dashboard - Using IIR project spending factors, track and understand the market at a 30,000 foot view and drill down to the 1 foot project detail.

  • Capital & Maintenance Projects
    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    Our team of industry experts diligently tracks and monitors capital and maintenance projects globally to provide a comprehensive picture of where investments, large and small, are planned, ongoing and proposed.

    Each of the projects identified and reported by Industrial Info includes key elements to help our clients monitor and pursue the project. These details include

    • Total Investment Value (TIV)
    • Project Owner Contacts
    • Project Location Mapping
    • Contractor & Vendor Contacts
    • Project Scope
    • Technology & Equipment Details
    • Project Capacity
    • Environmental Requirements
    • Project Schedule Milestones, including Approval & Bidding Dates
    • Construction Kickoff
    • Project Completion

  • Process Units
    Process Units

    Industrial Info provides key details on pre-commissioned, operational, and decommissioned process units on manufacturing sites within the industry. Process unit types include paper machines, digesters and lime kilns, among others configurations.

    • Owner Name
    • Design Capacity & Operating Capacity (When Available)
    • Unit Type
    • Operational Status
    • Unit Name
  • Power Generation Units
    Power Generation Units

    Industrial Info provides key details on pre-commissioned, operational, and decommissioned power generation units (Industrial Energy Producers). Power generating unit types include combined- and simple-cycle configurations.

    • Owner Name
    • Unit Name
    • Unit Type
    • Operational Status
    • Fuel Type
    • Design Capacity & Operating Capacity (When Available)
    • Power Usage (Base, Intermediate or Peak Load)
    • Primary & Secondary Fuel Types

Segments We Cover


Major companies engaged in the processing of wood logs (virgin fiber) and waste material (recycled fiber) for the production of pulp as a feedstock on site of a paper mill or to be sold on the open market.

Paper & Paperboard

Manufacturers of paper and paperboard products such as sanitary papers, writing and communication papers containerboard and linerboard, among others.


Producers of hardwood- and softwood-based products including lumber, plywood, particleboard, oriented strand board and medium-density fiberboard.

Converted Paper & Paperboard

Manufacturers/converters of paper and paperboard products from purchased rolls (feedstock). Items include: printing paper, boxes, corrugated sheets, food cartons, consumer towel & tissue paper products, among others.

Platform Solutions

Intelligent, easy-to-use tools for accessing, delivering and making the best use of our dynamically updated industrial intelligence.

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Industrial Info's Pulp, Paper, and Wood Analytics Products help supplement our online platform and give our clients a long-term view of where spending is expected to be and its major trends or drivers.

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Insight and perspectives on the Pulp, Paper, and Wood market provided by industry veterans.

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