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Industrial Info provides timely market intelligence for the Oil & Gas Terminals Industry which is continually verified and updated. The Oil & Gas Terminal Industry provides details on facilities storing crude oil, refined products, natural gas, NGLs, LNG and Carbon Dioxide.

Terminals Database Platform Elements
  • Attributes

    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    • Active Projects 3,677
    • Total Active Project Spend $287 Billion
    • Third-Party Contractor Awards 1,898
    • Active Project Contacts 13,475

    Terminal LTSAs

    • LTSA Agreements Globally 893
    • Maintenance LTSAs 139
    • Capital Project LTSAs 43
    • Preferred Contractors 676


    • Commissioned Terminals 9,142
    • Functional Terminal Management Contacts 41,576
    • Pre-Commissioned Terminals 1,015
    • Key Account Profiles 4,613

    Unit & Equipment Assets

    • Commissioned Storage Units 14,233
    • Pre-Commissioned Storage Units 1,882
    • Commissioned Equipment 3,071
    • Pre-Commissioned Equipment 60

    Unit Maintenance Events

    • Future Unit Maintenance Events 23
  • Capital & Maintenance Projects
    Capital & Maintenance Projects

    Our team of industry experts diligently tracks and monitors capital and maintenance projects globally to provide a comprehensive picture of where investments, large and small, are planned, ongoing and proposed.

    Each of the projects identified and reported by Industrial Info includes key elements to help our clients monitor and pursue the project. These details include at a minimum:

    • Total Investment Value (TIV)
    • Project Owner Contacts
    • Project Location Mapping
    • Contractor & Vendor Contacts
    • Project Scope
    • Technology & Equipment Requirements
    • Project Capacity
    • Environmental Requirements
    • Project Schedule Milestones, including Approval & Bidding Dates
    • Construction Kick-off
    • Project Completion

  • Storage Units
    Storage Units

    Industrial Info provides operational, pre-commissioned and decommissioned unit profiles. The profile includes startup/stop dates, actual and designed capacity, and more. Also provided is plant and project information associated with the unit, including key contacts, project scope and schedule, and can be segmented by commodities stored as per examples below.

    • Biofuels Tank Farm
    • Chemicals Tank Farm
    • Condensate Underground Storage
    • Crude Tank Farm
    • Crude Underground Storage
    • Ethanol Tank Farm
    • Ethylene-Storage
    • LNG Tank Farm
    • LPG Tank Farm
    • LPG Underground Storage
    • NGL Tank Farm
    • NGL Underground Storage
    • Natural Gas Underground Storage
    • Refined Products Tank Farm
    • Refined Products Underground Storage
    • Glycol Dehydration Units
    • LNG Regasification Units

  • Terminal LTSAs
    Terminal LTSAs

    Industrial Info identifies contractors with on-site agreements for engineering and maintenance services at storage terminals globally. Each Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) profile provides:

    • Agreement Type (Capital, Maintenance or Preferred Contractor)
    • Contracted Length of Agreement
    • Key Contact Responsible for Managing the Relationship
    • Expiration Date of the LTSA

  • Equipment

    Industrial Info's equipment database provides information on operational, pre-commissioned & decommissioned units, including compressor, pump and power generation drives.

    Equipment criteria includes:

    • Drive Types (Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Electric Motor, IC Engine)
    • Drive Manufacturer
    • Drive Capacity (Megawatts or Horsepower)
    • Drive Equipment Type (Compressor, Pump, Generator)
    • Driven Equipment Manufacturer
    • Driven Equipment Information (Model, MVA, kV, RPM, Cooling info where available)
    • Fuel/Energy Source Type (Primary/Secondary)
    • Startup/Shutdown Dates
  • Terminals

    Industrial Info is tracking more than 7,320 storage terminals globally, providing the operational status, products stored and functional management contacts for each location.

    Every terminal profile includes:

    • Terminal Owner & Parent Company Information
    • Functional Management Contacts with Email & Phone
    • Satellite Imagery & Mapping
    • Personnel Count
    • Operational Labor Preference
    • Physical & Mailing Addresses
    • Terminal Startup & Closure Date
    • Products Stored & Total Storage Capcity at Each Location

Segments We Cover

Independent Storage Companies
Companies primarily engaged in the business of "storage for hire." A typical terminal can have a variety of storage capabilities based on its customers. Products include biofuels, chemicals, crude oil and petroleum products.

Independent Terminals Owned by Major Processors

Terminals that store feedstock or finished petroleum products as an intermediate point prior to distribution.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sites

Government-owned and -operated crude oil storage facilities located in salt dome caverns.

Natural Gas Storage & Transportation Companies

Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Companies

LNG Receiving & Regasification Facilities

LNG Receiving and Regasification Facilities

Carbon Dioxide Storage & Sequestration

Underground geologic formations designed to store carbon dioxide (CO2) from the emissions of industrial processes rather than released into the atmosphere

Platform Solutions

Intelligent, easy-to-use tools for accessing, delivering and making the best use of our dynamically updated industrial intelligence.

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