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Brazil's Razien Receives Authorization to Commercialize Biogas Energy, an Industrial Info Market Brief


Industry Segment: Market Brief | Word Count: 118 Words

Raizen, a joint venture between Shell and Cosan, as one of the leading ethanol producers in Brazil has received authorization from the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) to commence commercial operations of its 138,000-megawatt-hour per year biogas plant in Guariba (SP).

Following a $27.27 million investment, Raizen Geo Biogás, a joint venture between Raízen and Geo Energética, which worked in partnership to develop the biogas plant, has an installed capacity of 21 megwatts and will serve the 38,500 population of Guariba and neighboring cities.

The company´s aim is to adopt filter cake and vinasse as a source of biogas production in order to optimize and maximize the usage of sugar and ethanol process byproducts.

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