Green Hydrogen Heads South as Projects Pop Up in Latin America

Green Hydrogen Heads South as Projects Pop Up in Latin America

July 11, 2022--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--With its abundant renewable energy resources, South America and Central America have emerged as green hydrogen's next top destinations. Green hydrogen is produced via the electrolysis of water, a process that can be powered by renewable energy. While this eliminates carbon from the equation, it is expensive to develop.

Industrial Info is tracking nearly US$35 billion worth of green hydrogen projects across South America, Central America and the Caribbean, US$29 billion of which is attributed to projects in Brazil. One of the top destinations for green hydrogen projects is the Brazilian state of Ceara, which sits on the eastern coast. Ceara has signed more than 15 memoranda of understanding with companies interested in developing green hydrogen production at Porto do Pecem, which has some of the best terrain in the region for wind and solar power.

Outside of Brazil, Chile and Argentina are the most prominent countries for green hydrogen development in the region.

Companies featured: Cactus Energia Verde, Bi Energia Limitada, Uruque Energias Renovaveis Limitada, Enegix Energy Pte Limited, Proton Ventures BV, Qair Energy, Fortescue Metals Group Limited, EDP Energias do Brasil S.A., Andes Mining & Energy S.A., Siemens Energy AG and Major proposals in Chile include A-Technologie Transfer GmbH.

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