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Chemical Processing Forecast Analyzers
North America (2015 - 2020)
Chemical Processing Forecast Analyzers
Global Chemical Industry Forecast Analyzer by Country
Drill down by world region and view each country's future Chemical Processing spending
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US Chemical Industry Forecast Analyzer by Market Region & Sector
Interested in Ag Chemical Project Activity in the Southwest?
This forecast is for you! Drill down by market region and industry sector.

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North America Chemical Industry Forecast Analyzer by Market Region
Track chemical industry spending across the US, Canada and Mexico by region.
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Industrial Info's Chemical Industry Forecast Analyzers

Industrial Info's newest forecast analyzer allows users to view all chemical activity through 2020 by country, drill down to North America market regions, or even view activity by industry sector. This forecast provides subscribers a dynamic market forecast using project spending intelligence to estimate market spending for the Chemical Processing Industry.

The US Chemical Industry Forecast Analyzer by Market Region & Sector breaks out Chemical Processing coverage into 8 sectors.

SIC Sectors Covered in the US Forecast by Sector*
  • Ag Chemicals
  • Chlor-Alkali
  • Fibers
  • Industrial Gases
  • Industrial Inorganic Chemicals (Specialty Chemicals)
  • Other
  • Petrochemicals
  • Surfactants
* = Drilldown by sector not available in Global Forecast by Country or North America Forecast by Market Region.
For firms that are looking to better understand the chemical processing market, our statistics let you view the forecast annual spending that is derived from Industrial Info's unique and comprehensive market intelligence gathering.

IIR provides a unique "bottom up" forecast for industrial plant spending that is derived from actual project information surveyed by our industry experts. Our forecast model uses ground-level detail captured in our project spending intelligence platform and summarizes it up to the 30,000-foot view. Our modeling captures total spending for the market, using historical and future projects information, including statistical modeling of leading economic indicators.

Delivery is made through IIR's Online Forecast Analyzer, which is an online environment that allows you to query data, export statistics and download graphs dynamically generated from your query results.

Quarterly Updating
Throughout the year, Industrial Info will deliver quarterly updates that include adjustments to current forecast data primarily driven by activity in Industrial Info's project platform and the performance of leading economic indicators.