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Analytics Dashboard for Market Statistics
Identifying spending trends is an important part of strategic planning, and Industrial Info realizes that every company has its own unique set of data and information requirements needed to help guide companies in their business plans.

Customized Data
To this end, Industrial Info can create a customized Analytics Dashboard unique to your sales and business needs. A custom online platform can provide analysts the ability to create data segmentations based on the specific parameters you require, whether for geographic territories, industrial sectors, plant owners, equipment providers, or other variables.

The Analytics Dashboard allows you to view and cross-reference data coming from project statistics, unit turnarounds and outages, equipment profiles for turbines and boilers, plant statistics and more. Importantly, data is updated on a monthly or quarterly basis, providing you dynamic, current market statistics, rather than a static, off-the-shelf report that is quickly outdated.

30,000-to-1-Foot View
At the 30,000-foot view, gain high-level insights into broad trends for industrial sectors and geographies, then drill down further to develop tactical marketing strategies. At the 1-foot level, equip sales teams to pursue opportunities with actionable data regarding specific companies and equipment and service providers, consistently updated and verified by Industrial Info's market researchers.

In essence, Industrial Info's Analytics Dashboard for Market Statistics can provide a single product that has relevance across the organization, no need for separate market insights and separate data it's all in one box.

Any variable or statistic tracked by Industrial Info can be included in your dashboard. Data used in current customized dashboards includes, but is not limited to:
  • Current and historical project spending statistics
  • OEM rankings for installed and new-build turbines and generators
  • Historical units and plant ages
  • Historical outage trends by plant type and owner
  • Outage statistics
  • Historical unit and plant ages
  • Contractor Rankings
...all of which can be cross-referenced by geography, time period and more to help better understand your market.

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