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Indian Refining Outlook:
Project Spending Outlook, Key Drivers and Trends
Description: India's Refining Industry is growing rapidly as the country not only seeks to meet increasing domestic demand for petroleum products, but also to lock in valuable market share for the Asian export market. India has $41 billion in refining projects planned to kick off in the next three years, most which are for capacity expansions and additions.

Industrial Info's 2013 Indian Refining Outlook provides statistics and analyses of the trends and market drivers of India's Refining Industry. Capital and maintenance spending outlooks are provided through 2015, as well as details of the most important refining projects, including location, total investment value, start/stop dates and more.

Industries: Refining Industry

Statistics Referenced: Plant and Unit Information, Major Capital and Maintenance Projects

Countries covered: India

Geographic Detail: Market Region

Delivery Details: Orders require up to 2 business days to complete transaction and output.

Delivery Method: Power Point delivered via email