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Petroleum Refining Unit Turnaround Activity Analysis by Country for North America
Description: The Unit Turnaround Activity Analysis measures the number of unit turnarounds by month, quarter and year for 2008 through 2016. In this statistical analysis, users can identify trends in turnaround activity for major units based on planned or unplanned turnaround scheduling and the duration of turnaround, reflecting minor, normal and major turnaround activity. Data statistics are updated quarterly to reflect actual activities occurring throughout 2016.

Unit turnaround information is derived from IIR’s Refinery Unit Maintenance Turnaround Platform for major processing units. All information is phone-verified for accuracy.
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Industry: Petroleum Refining

Statistics Referenced: Unit Maintenance Turnarounds

Updated: Quarterly

Countries covered: United States, Canada and Mexico

Geographic Detail: Country

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Delivery Method: Spreadsheet format delivered by email.