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Combustion & Steam Turbine Generator Market Share Analysis Tools
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North American Combustion Turbine Tool $1,479
European Combustion Turbine Tool $899
Latin American Combustion Turbine Tool $699
North American Steam Turbine Tool $1,079
European Steam Turbine Tool $849
Latin American Steam Turbine Tool $649
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These real-time tools provide a unique market sizing and detailed segmentation of installed combustion and steam turbine units in North America, Latin America and Europe (excluding offshore applications) that are being tracked and monitored by Industrial Info. The turbines are owned by Utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that generate power for the grid, as well as Industrial Energy Producers (IEPs) that produce power to support proprietary infrastructure and plants.

The nature of Industrial Info’s up-to-the minute monitoring and research allows users of the tools to pull up real-time information and analytics based on an initial macro overview covering the Installed Base, Future Installed Trend, Manufacturer Market Shares, Manufacturer Model Shares, Unit Type and Unit Power Usage. The dynamic structure of the tools further allow a bottom-up market share analysis of the leading turbine manufacturers by equipment type, capacity range, operating years, as well as segmentation by end user.

Through Industrial Info’s ability to leverage our comprehensive, constantly updated and forward-looking database, analyses also include a sector that features the future additional capacity that is currently in the Construction stage, allowing users to better understand when, where and how the turbine landscape is changing.

The interactive nature of the tool allows PECWeb subscribers to drill down even further, clicking on any aspect of the report charts in the turbine database and pulling up detailed unit and plant details contained within PECWeb, including owner, manufacturer, startup date, fuel type, and more. Industrial Info’s unique After-Market Turbine Analysis tools offer a range of information and reports, ranging from broad analytics to extremely detailed information about individual turbine units.