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IIR's electrical equipment market forecast is a spending analysis of the industrial market and the investments made at industrial plants across the United States and Canada for electrical equipment annually.

From breakers, conduit, cable and fasteners to junction boxes, panels, switches and transformers, the electrical equipment forecast includes all aspects of electrical distribution, control and monitoring.

The North American Electrical Equipment Forecast consists of 10 years of spending statistics and a 5-year Forecast, within 12 industrial markets.

Industries Covered

Electric Power
Bulk Liquids Storage Terminals
Oil & Gas Transmission
Oil & Gas Production
Alternative Fuels
Petroleum Refining
Industrial Infrastructure
Chemical Processing
Metals & Minerals
Pulp, Paper & Wood
Food & Beverage
Industrial Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The forecast is available by country, region, state, county or zip code level and includes a breakout of investment for capital and maintenance spending.

For firms that are looking to estimate the market for electrical equipment investment, our statistics can help you better understand the annual spending that is derived from comprehensive market intelligence gathering.