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Pipes, Valves & Fittings (PVFs) 5YR Forecast

IIR's HDPE Pipe market forecast enables end-users to identify the size, location and timing of physical demand for piping across multiple industry sectors and geographies. Our forecasts estimate demand related to capital investments and maintenance projects being undertaken and planned going forward. Our forecasts are based on a combination of actual projects being tracked globally, all of which are updated daily, and our proprietary Factoring methodology. This provides end-users with a unique bottom-up assessment of the current, 5YR future and 5YR historical demand and spending for a given range of industrial equipment and services.

Types of Pipes, Valves & Fittings products included in this Forecast:
  • Pipes: High Density Polyethylene pipes. Sizes the market by physical demand volume (feet & Lbs.).
  • Includes overlay of IIR's 5YR Topline Industrial Project Spending Forecast ($mns)
Demand Analysis Provided:
  • The forecast is available by different geographical levels including Market Region, Country, State, County or zip code. Existing forecasts can be expanded or customized to cater for your specific geographical focus on request.
  • Two subscription types are available:
    • Standard - this factors demand and spending at the Industry level and by Capital and Maintenance projects and activity.
    • Enhanced - this forecast breaks out spending at the individual Sector level within each target industry. It also breaks out Capital spending by Grassroot, Expansions/Unit Additions and Other In-Plant Capital related projects.
Industries Covered in this Forecast:
  • Electric Power
  • Pipelines
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Chemical Processing (CPI)
  • Pulp, Paper & Wood
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Terminals
  • Production
  • Petroleum Refining (HPI)
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The forecast can be revised for any of the 12 Industries that IIR covers as well as additional Sector break outs available via the Enhanced Forecast version.

Additional Related Analytics Available:

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Delivered via PowerBI. Enables, you to query data, export statistics and download graphs dynamically generated from your query results.

Update Frequency:

IIR forecasts are updated quarterly. This ensures all forecasts are kept current and up-to-date to reflect the continuous shifts and changes in the underlying projects and plant data that IIR is researching, tracking and monitoring globally.