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Our All New & Completely Redesigned 2021 Global Mining Industry Outlook is now available!
Top Line Market Project Spending Forecast

Industrial Info's Global Mining Industry Outlook provides a comprehensive view of project spending in the mining sector. An analysis of business, market and spending trends provides direction on how current and future activity is shaping the industry.

The Outlook drills down by mine type (iron ore, precious metals, oil sands, etc.), providing information on operational plants, plant startups and capital spending. With this online solution, we provide quarterly updates on key plant and project statistics to keep you up to date with industry progress.

Insightful Coverage of Mining Industry Spending and Market Trends

Industrial Info is tracking more than 8,700 Mining Industry projects valued at almost $990 billion that are planned to kick off across the world in 2021. The 2021 Global Mining Industry Outlook provides an in-depth analysis of mining project activity that includes major project spending statistics by mined product and country. Spending statistics are derived from actual projects reported by Industrial Info.

Updated Quarterly

The Outlook is a comprehensive market analysis tool that covers the Mining Industry in a detailed executive summary format. Spending and plant startup statistics are updated quarterly to reflect changes as they occur throughout the year.

Valuable Industry Insight

Get an insightful assessment from our industry experts, who speak to hundreds of plant owners annually, about spending trends that are impacting capital and maintenance expenditures. Mining trends for each world region are discussed in-depth, and an overview is provided for the industry as a whole.

Multi-Seat Offer

Seats allow individual access to web-based products by user name and password. By purchasing the Industrial Outlook, users receive (1) seat license per order. However, we are offering discounted rates for multi - seat licensing. See pricing schedule below. To inquire about special pricing, please contact our member services department at 1-800-762-3361.

Multi-Seat Pricing:
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