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IIR's Biomass-to-Energy Market Outlook is a unique, bottom-up analysis of capital investments for new plant construction, unit additions, retrofits and environmental compliance projects proposed for the 2012-2015 period. Spending details are classified by year based on scheduled construction start dates, and further defined by market region and sector (Utilities, Private Energy Producers, and Industrial Energy Producers, such as sugar mills and pulp & paper mills).

In this report, subscribers can quickly analyze the market potential, hone in on specific drivers, and view which regions are seeing investments for biomass power plant construction.

Rich Dynamic Intelligence with an Expert's Perspective

IIR leverages its Intelligence Platform of more than $19 billion worth of future biomass capital projects focused on new power plant construction, unit additions, retrofits, environmental compliance and in-plant investments. This 30-page report outlines the potential market for biomass-to-energy development as captured by our project surveys. Our industry experts interpret the specific spending trends and highlight market drivers.

This Report Includes:

  • Specific focus on U.S. spending trends relating to biomass-to-energy development
  • Current population statistics related to plant counts, unit counts and total electric generation capacity
  • Future (Proposed) Unit Population - unit count and electric generation capacity
  • Historical and future project spending analysis (project count and investment value)
  • Fallout Rate Assessment - historical analysis of proposed versus actual project activity
  • Commentary from the industry experts in the Power Industry, as well as the Sugar and Pulp & Paper industry teams.
  • Executive Summary Output that includes quarterly updates
  • Quarterly 30-minute conference call with our industry experts (priced separately)

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