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IIR's Petroleum Refinery Unit Turnaround Forecast and Unit Turnaround Predictor report gives macro level summaries and analyses for U.S. refineries by year and quarter in the forecast, and a more granular turnaround prediction at the refinery unit level.

Refinery Turnaround Forecast

Inside the report you will obtain insight from our industry experts, tables illustrating regions and periods of growth and decline are also presented to aid readers in optimal allocation of scarce resources, and timelines for expected outage activities at various geographical levels. Statistical information includes unit counts and total investment value by quarter. Capacity information is available for an additional charge.

What the Refinery Turnaround Forecast report contains:

  • 20+ page summary report
  • Supporting data spreadsheet
  • Quarterly updates
  • Optional Tableau Dashboard*

Unit Turnaround Predictor Report

To help pursue business opportunities on future turnarounds events at the unit level, IIR has created a custom report that leads you to the individual refinery unit and its predicted future planned turnaround events. In this report, IIR combines future verified unit turnaround events with predicted unit turnarounds identified through our prediction model.

IIR's prediction model utilizes the underlying data from our Refinery Unit Offline Database and consists of planned and unplanned unit turnaround records, both historical and forward looking to estimate the next unit turnaround that will happen based on historical trends and market influencers.

Purchase the Refinery Unit Turnaround Forecast and the Unit Predictor Report together or independently.

* = Additional cost for access