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IIR's Power Systems Rental Services Market Forecast provides an analysis of expenditures related to generator controls that manage the power distribution application with network communication for remote monitoring, including programmable software to accommodate future system upgrades to reduce environmental and safety risks.

The forecast provides a 10-year view, including a 5-year forecast. Statistical details include capital and maintenance spending for Power Rental Services, as well as total spending for the industries.

Rental Equipment Covered:

Generator Sets (excludes Switchgear and Controls)
400 kW to 2,000 kW (Only Generator Sets)
Covers set-up, operations, and removal
Generator Switchgear and Controls (excludes Generator Rental)
UL-listed paralleling generators (two- to four-generator applications), bus-rated through 5,000 amps - supplying switchgear and distribution for rented generator sets.
Covers set-up, operations, and removal
Chillers (including Switchgear and Temperature Controls Rental)
Includes 100-ton to 300-ton Chiller unit rentals with associated Switchgear and Temperature Controls

Market Forecast Methodology:

  • Maintenance: Standby power in case of emergency and seasonal peaks.
  • Construction: Industrial sites, where grid power is either not available or is expensive. Mainly small-sized generators in the 20- to 60-kW range are used in this sector.
  • Utility: Rental is for the peak summer or winter periods. Multi-megawatt generators are widely used.
  • Oil and Gas Remote: Remote location of the oil and gas companies where there is no power or expensive power is driving the demand for the rental generator sets.

IIR's unique "bottom-up" forecast products are derived from actual project information surveyed by our industry experts. Our forecast model uses ground-level detail captured in our project spending intelligence platform and summarizes it up to the 30,000-foot view. Our modeling captures total spending for the market, using historical and future project information, including statistical modeling of leading economic indicators.