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The Renewable Energy market remains in a continual state of transition. Project activity is largely driven by government subsidies, many of which remain controversial and are under potential threat of being reduced or eliminated. On the other hand, several states have implemented Renewable Portfolio Standards, mandating that a certain amount of power sold by utilities be obtained from renewable sources. Low-cost natural gas continues to offer a relatively inexpensive means to meet emissions-reduction standards.

IIR Analytics can help those companies supporting the renewable power generation space with a definitive view of the current global power project pipeline.

The analysis specifies between 13 renewable fuel types and assesses the current fallout/project realization rate for each type of fuel. Active projects can be further segmented by capacity size to show current trends in the size of these renewable projects. Data can also be analyzed by project owner, to see who is driving project activity, and an assessment of the current renewable energy installed base by plant owners and turbine OEMs is also available.

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