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Biotechnology Manufacturing Trends, an Industrial Info Market Brief


Industry Segment: Pharmaceutical & Biotech | Word Count: 147 Words

The biotech manufacturing industry is realizing three overarching trends: evaluation of single-use systems; continuous manufacturing; and increased collection and analysis of data and the use of artificial intelligence.

Benefits of single-use systems include: 1) cost reduction-no sterilization, maintenance of bioreactors, cleaning; 2) increased productivity: 3) easy disposal; 4) less water usage; 5) time savings; and 6) reduced risk of cross-contamination.

Benefits of continuous manufacturing include: 1) processing times are decreased, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and the entire process is streamlined from start to finish (no more stops and starts); 2) Less physical footprint; 3) lower cost of goods; and 4) less risk for contamination.

Finally, as the world becomes highly automated, the biotech industry is increasing usage of high-tech automation and artificial intelligence to complement and control the manufacturing process. This trend will only become more pronounced in the coming. Think of it as Biotech Manufacturing 4.0.

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