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Industry Trends Hit Malaysia's NPK Fertilizer Sector, an Industrial Info Market Brief


Industry Segment: Market Brief | Word Count: 138 Words
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Policy shifts for import/export taxes, high stockpiles and market competition are influential for all market suppliers. Malaysia, a leading exporter of crude palm oil (CPO) is one of those countries that is affected by these industry trends, and 2019 has not been a golden year for the country's CPO producers.

Most CPO producers use NPK fertilizer on their plantations to increase the number of leaves and fruit clusters. The NPK fertilizer market was heavily affected by the low demand for CPO, and most of the Malaysia's NPK producers are restructuring by laying off employees and shutting down under-performing production lines.

Malaysia has 27 operational NPK fertilizer manufacturing sites, with $2.86 billion in active capital projects. Click here for a list of projects and here for plants. See map below for project locations.

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