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Typhoon Hagibis Hits Japan, an Industrial Info Market Brief


Industry Segment: Market Brief | Word Count: 155 Words
Attachment: Hagibis

Typhoon Hagibis made landfall this past weekend in eastern Japan, including Tokyo, following the evacuation of thousands of people in advance of heavy rains and potential landslides. Potentially, nine petrochemical plants, accounting for about 11 million pounds per year of ethylene production, and 20 refineries, with more than 3 million barrels per day of capacity, could be are affected by the largest typhoon to hit the country in decades. Industrial Info is tracking 13 active ethylene production plants (click here for the list) and 26 refining facilities (click here for the list) in Japan.

Typhoon Hagibis also could impact about 1,000 power stations, accounting for 160,000 megawatts, in central and eastern Japan, due to windstorms and flooding.

Industrial Info's Disaster Impact Tracker widget can help you monitor weather-related events to identify industrial plants within the impact path of a storm or natural disaster.

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