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Tracking over 276,000 Plant Locations with over 213,000 Active Projects worth $19.72 Trillion (USD)
World Region Active Project Count * Active TIV USD * Operational Plant Count ** Contact Count **
North America 42,010 $3,978 84,358 575,793
Middle America 1,890 $67 1,264 8,303
South America 21,275 $1,464 11,282 75,060
Europe 33,232 $2,498 48,341 155,104
Africa 10,414 $1,162 8,785 28,930
Asia 98,810 $9,851 114,043 308,273
Oceania 5,776 $703 7,958 26,155
Totals 213,407 $19,727 276,031 1,177,618
* Investment values in billions $USD
* Active projects represent current and future spending opportunities that have been verified over the last 12 months.
** All plant profiles and related contacts are updated on a 12-month cycle.
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Illinois Sees $28 Billion in Active Industrial Manufacturing Projects
Industrial Info is tracking $28 billion worth of active Industrial Manufacturing Industry projects in Illinois
Thursday, September 21, 2023 Industrial Manufacturing
Venezuela se opone a la subasta de petróleo offshore de Guyana
Caracas rechaza la última subasta petrolera de su vecino en el territorio en disputa entre las naciones
Thursday, September 21, 2023 Production
Lithium Development Moves Along in Arkansas
While most lithium extraction development in the U.S. is taking place in the western part of the country, particularly California and Nevada, where what may be the world's largest lithium deposit was recently announced, Arkansas also has billions of dollars in active lithium-related projects.
Thursday, September 21, 2023 Metals & Minerals
UAW Threatens to Expand Strike at 'Big Three' Auto Plants
As the United Auto Workers Union's (UAW) unprecedented strike against Detroit's Big Three Automakers approaches a full week, there is still no noticeable progress toward a settlement
Thursday, September 21, 2023 Industrial Manufacturing
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