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Pharma-Bio Modular Facilities, Prefab Equipment Gain Traction

Pharma-Bio Modular Facilities, Prefab Equipment Gain Traction


Industry Segment: Pharmaceutical & Biotech | Word Count: 282 Words

April 26, 2022--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--Conventional pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities are very capital intensive and have prolonged construction timelines. These brick-and-mortar facilities contain built-in operating equipment anchored into the facility's substructure, requiring major renovation costs and construction timelines.

Modular facilities also predominately involve brick-and-mortar construction, with all major utilities embedded in the building's infrastructure. However, operating equipment is prefabricated offsite, with skid-mounted platforms subsequently integrated into the facility. The skid-mounted platforms enable reconfiguration and equipment updates without the costs and time constraints of major renovations required by conventional facilities.

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