Today's Refining Hotline Headlines

Today's Refining Hotline Headlines


Kashima Oil Company has delayed the restart of six units at its 203,100-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Kashima Refinery in Japan. The 35,500-Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU) and 22,000-BBL/d Reformer 2 (2RF) Unit now are expected to restart by July 18; the 168,000-BBL/d Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) 1, 35,100-BBL/d Condensate Splitter, 30,000-BBL/d Residual Hydrotreater 1 (1RD) and 21,200-BBL/d Reformer 3 units now are expected to restart July 17.

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