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Coal-Fired Power Platform

Information on Coal-Fired Plants, Units and Projects

Coal-Fired Power Platform

Although grassroot coal-fired construction is grinding to a halt in North America, several high-dollar environmental compliance projects are planned or already under construction in the U.S., while new coal-fired plants continue to be built in countries with developing economies and some European countries.

For those interested specifically in coal-fired power generation, our Coal-Fired Power Platform provides information on coal-fired plants, units and projects throughout the world.

The platform includes information on active capital and planned maintenance projects (planning through construction).

Unit-level details are provided for boilers and steam turbines, providing information including:

  • Manufacturer name, make and model
  • Heat rate
  • Capacity
  • Startup date
  • Consistently updated information for planned and unplanned outages

Plant and project coverage contains the same information found in our Power Industry Platform, including project scopes and schedules, physical and mailing address, key contact details and much more.

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