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GenStack Emissions Database

GenStack Emissions Platform

GenStack integrates actual generation data and emissions output data with IIR's Power Generation Platform to provide a better analytical tool for identifying future spending opportunities in relationship to unit operations, maintenance and emissions compliance.

Presented in user-friendly formats that include analytical reports, charts, graphs and data tables, GenStack provides a complete plant/unit operational overview, including startups, hourly run-times, data on emission releases (NOx, SOx, and CO2), heat-rate changes, run-time percentages, and generation by fuel type with hourly, daily, and monthly snapshots.

GenStack is available for U.S.-based power plants that are monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

GenStack Key Elements Include:

  • Total startup times by unit
  • Total hourly run-times by unit
  • Run-time percentages by month
  • NOx, SO2 and CO2 emission release data
  • Heat-rate changes by unit
  • Hourly, daily and monthly snapshots
  • Monthly generation by fuel type
  • Capacity factor change by unit

By Using GenStack You Can:

  • Predict future maintenance opportunities based on actual unit run-time and startup data
  • Analyze operational changes from baseload, intermediate and peaking capacities
  • View changes to unit efficiencies
  • Target emissions sources that are non-compliant

IIR has spent thousands of man-hours and programming time to integrate raw data from various government sources into a comprehensive platform. Save valuable research time, labor and dollars by subscribing to IIR's GenStack report!

Contact us today for more information on the platform and how to subscribe.